Hello everyone, hope your enjoying your Friday and getting ready for The Super Bowl weekend. Wanted to drop you a quick message about not giving up on your dreams/goals when your presented with a few obstacles or hurdles or bumps or get the picture!

Speaking of pictures, look at this photo and check out my left (your right) eye. It's dilated to the max. It's been that way since 94 when I got poked in the eye at Ohio State my sophomore season. Had to have immediate surgery and was told I might not see out of it again! Sure enough I'm partially blind in that eye and any type of light or reflection handicaps me. I never told anybody this until now because I made sure that it wasn't going to be an EXCUSE for me not to reach my dream/goal. That's the reason I wore sunglasses indoors a lot and tinted shields on my helmet. Not to look cool but out of necessity.

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I became an All American at Ohio State that next season and then drafted 7th overall partially blind in one eye. Playing wide receiver and having your vision really helps a lot. My point of this is, if you have a dream/goal that you want to accomplish, don't let obstacles, hurdles, bumps, mountains, or whatever EXCUSE you conjure up in your head detour you from reaching them. Go over it, go around it, go through those EXCUSES or sometimes just choose another route to accomplish that feat. Because truthfully, nobody is trying to hear it.


Thanks - TG

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